Our Services

Estate Sales, Auctions, Donations, & Recycling

Our professional sales and dispersal team will help you get the most out of your estate. Helping you identify the items that can be sold, those to donate for a possible tax benefit, and those that should be responsibly disposed.

Downsizing, Right Sizing & Move In

Our caring Smooth Transitions staff will empathetically work with you to find the right size and the right items to take on this part of your journey. We can help you consolidate many items as well as determine the most crucial ones to bring with you both practically and emotionally.

Transition Planning

Smooth Transitions of Massachusetts helps those downsizing from a long established home to a smaller home or community. Whether it is going from an empty nest to an easier to maintain home or a life event has led to needing a change in living environment, our trained professionals can ensure this is a smooth transition.

Home Staging

Whether moving first or selling first, Smooth Transitions of Massachusetts will use your existing furnishings to maximize the visual appeal of your home so that it has the best possible opportunity to attract buyers. We refer to this as soft staging your home.

Paper And Photo Organization

At Smooth Transitions we will help you review your stored papers, organizing the items that need saving and properly disposing of files no longer needed. We can also arrange for the conversion of your photo and media collections to a modern digital media platform.

Home Organization - Age-In-Place

Smooth Transitions of Massachusetts will help you declutter and re-organize your existing home to prepare it for the next chapter of your life's journey. Whether you are simply seeking to maximize your current space or you need to rearrange to accomodate changing physical needs, we can assess and optimize your space.

Floor Planning

At Smooth Transitions of Massachusetts we will create a floorplan to ensure the furniture you wish to keep will fit in your new home. The floorplan steamlines move day as well, by guiding mover delivery.

Estate Dispersal

Smooth Transitions of Massachusetts provides services for the dispersal of household belongings after the death of a loved one.